Wests in the Community

Part of the role Wests plays in the community is to help those that need encouragement and inspiration to enjoy the game we love. As a club we feel we have an important role in providing access to our sport and there is no better place to start than in our own backyard. Year on year we are left with football equipment that needs to be rehomed so we have started to partner with local low decile primary schools to pass on any used equipment we no longer require at the club and this adds fantastic value to the funding we get from our supportive trusts.

Pictured are children from Maraeroa School in Cannons Creek who love to play football at any opportunity. School principal Kathleen O’Hare says “Football is the game of choice for our children and at any opportunity during their class breaks they will head to the sports cupboard and get the footballs out. To see them using some of this gear and the smiling faces….the kids love it”
Wests will continue to offer opportunities wherever possible and this includes the Football Diversity Inclusion Programme that breaks down barriers for some families to play football. For 2022 Wests have around 30 youngsters giving football a go and the programme covers things such as fees and gear. Jo Todd administers this for Wests and it is her third year helping these families. Western Suburbs Football Club sees inclusion as a key value and continue to work towards upholding this.