The West’s Mission

Delivering quality football experiences to the people of the Wests region

Western Suburbs Football Club’s primary objective is the excellent administration, organisation and delivery of all forms of football to all people in the wider Wests region.

This will be achieved through:

  • Developing and maintaining a Wests administration that plans well, provides an inclusive style of leadership, is stakeholder focused, and is cognisant to the changing shape and delivery of grassroots sport in the Wests region.
  • Encouraging a culture of enjoyment and achievement against our mission, values, plans and ultimately our vision.
  • Proactive and positive engagement with the Ole Football Academy, the Wests region primary and intermediate schools, and the region’s Colleges, to ensure strong and sustainable relationships are built, and a quality and consistent flow of players in to the senior club is achieved.
  • Delivering quality facilities such as the Endeavour Park clubrooms, and training and playing facilities to ensure Wests is viewed as an attractive and enjoyable playing option.
  • Investing in player and coach development with a goal of well-coached players and coaches being offered optimal opportunities to excel at their own levels.
  • Positive and consistent interaction with Capital Football as the governing body in Wellington, and the Porirua City Council who are the key stakeholder in relation to the ongoing development and maintenance of Endeavour Park.
  • Creating playing experiences outside of the standard Saturday competitions, such as the successful annual junior Wests tournament held at Endeavour Park.
  • Developing and delivering revenue-generating opportunities via the local business community, including a quality leverage programme with our sponsors that provide a positive return on investment for these Wests partners.

Priority to make a difference at grassroots community level. As examples, a) the continuation of the Refugee programme that sees football playing refugees living in the Wests region offered free playing opportunities to assist their transition to become New Zealanders, and b) the continuation of the NZ Football Inter-Schools programme, delivering football coaching at Decile 1 schools in the Wests region.

The West’s Values

Western Suburbs Football Club has established a set of core values which underpin the behaviours expected of all players and club members.

We expect to see all Wests people exhibit these values on a day-by-day basis. These values are the bedrock upon which our club will become, and remain, healthy, vibrant, and successful.


Our loyalty in ‘belonging’ to the Wests football community.


Our dedication to being the best we can be.


The sum of the Wests parts is greater than the efforts of our individuals.


Our pledge to give our all to every Wests task we take on.