Main Sponsors

For seven years now Advance Electrical have been a principal sponsor of our men’s first and second teams. Joel Bull and the team at Advance are active supporters attending games and lending their support wherever possible. The Wests connection continues with the staff at Advance Electrical of ex first team skipper Billy Scott and ex first team manager Ken Hill . For this year Advance Electrical have also added further support with helping to reinstall new lighting throughout the club rooms at Endeavour Park. Western Suburbs Football Club are extremely proud to have Advance Electrical associated with our senior club.

Garrod Brader and the team have been principal supporters of the Wests junior club over the last six years. Wests have undertaken to replace all junior playing shirts with the new club colours and PNS Porirua have come to the fore and provided tremendous support in this area. PNS also help with social fundraising events. We work closely with Garrod and his staff to ensure the club is fully stocked with all our food and beverages. We count ourselves very fortunate to have PNS as a principal sponsor. PNS also sponsor our social women’s side and first kick programme.

To make sure we are compliant on the business side of the club we needed a professional company with the right credentials to ensure this happens. Not only have Godfrey Boyce and the team at KPMG made sure this has happened but they have also come on board as key sponsor for the women’s elite side of the club. KPMG have been instrumental in helping us get the elite women’s programme back up and running after the club went many years without it. KPMG help us to achieve our aspirations of being as professional as we can be in the clubs business dealings.

Tom Sweeney Videography is a film and videography business established in 2021. We cover weddings, sports & events, promos, short films and more. We are passionate filmmakers with top of the line gear and affordable prices, with the goal of helping tell all forms of stories. Towards the end of 2022, we released our first short film, garnering several awards and receiving over 80,000 views. We are looking to expand our business and break into the wedding videography industry with our competitive prices and cinematic narrative style of filmmaking. In 2022, we worked alongside Western Suburbs to produce several high-quality videos, showcasing players from the junior football grades. We look forward to working with Western Suburbs again for 2023!

Would you like to become a sponsor? We have many opportunities within our club over 1200 members to promote your company’s product or service.

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Minor Sponsors

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