Chairman’s chat

And there you have it!! Not a vintage year but none the less we have made it through some very uncertain times and although we aren’t out of the woods yet its time for a break and to ready ourselves for another year of yes and no…stop and go. 2021 has seen our men’s first team make the national league since 1975…our women’s first team won Div. 2 and battled in Div. 1….our 700 juniors did what they love and our masters players …well they just got older. Our women’s social team were there to show what having fun is all about while our men’s open teams saw the return of many Wests members from years gone by. The Raiders having an exceptional season. To be down at Endeavour on a Sunday morning and see 150 under 6 year old players having fun is heart warming and thanks to Dave for his efforts there.

Think back to 2016 when we had 700 members and fast forward to 2021 where we have nearly 1200 which is testament to the endless hours our volunteers put in. From coaching to managing to ground set up to committees to board members and of course to our sponsors. A huge thanks to you all on behalf of the Wests footballing community who enjoy the sport we love because of all these people. Thanks also to Blake and the team at Ole for their endless pursuit of excellence as they help to develop our young footballers. There are many people who contribute in their own small way and we thank you. To our club admin Jo Todd…not an easy year but one that ran as smoothly as it could thanks to your diligence and detail. The board at Wests have done a sterling job in steering the ship and making sure we stay on track and deliver the best product possible. Thank you

2022 will have new challenges as our ever-changing environment tests our organisation and the people within it. Merry Christmas to all our Wests families and we hope that you all stay safe and enjoy some freedom over summer. Thank you one and all for your support.

Kind Regards

Dean Eagar

Western Suburbs Football Club Chairman