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10 05 2016

Sunday 15th May at 6:00pm come along to the Ole Football Academy at to watch Wellington's leading youth players battle it out for U.S scholarship opportunities.

08 05 2016

We are proud to announce that four Western Suburbs and Olé Football Academy players will be continuing their football and educational pursuits at universities abroad in the United States.

Set to join their respective University teams in August 2016 are:

19 04 2016
A huge thank you to Ash and the team at the Co-op; they have given us ‘Magic Moment Vouchers’ for our junior player of the day awards for every junior team!
A free kid’s meal at the Co-op; what a deal!
Please make sure you support our awesome sponsors.
19 04 2016

Meet the team coached by Jason Pine, Karl Jenner and Matt Wilson, who won the Eastbourne tournament.
“On Sunday, we attended the Eastbourne tournament and managed to come through the day with five wins from five games to win the ninth grade title. The goals were well and truly shared around, with seven different players scoring. We only conceded two goals all day, which was a great outcome with all the boys having their first experience of goalkeeping. The boys loved getting back out there, so it was a really pleasing start to the 2016 season.”

12 04 2016

Western Suburbs is pleased to announce that Gavin Larsen has joined the club as their Development Manager. The club is thrilled to have secured Gavin who has a break from his Blackcaps selector duties during the April to September months and he will join the club fulltime through that period and will continue to play a role through the summer months too.