Your feedback

The board of Wests would like to thank everyone for their valuable input to our recent request for feedback. Below are the key issues to come out of the feedback we received.

There were also many great comments surrounding things like the work our committees do, the addition of Café In The Park, the academy programme we run for kids and the general atmosphere within our club. We look forward to working harder next year and making your club a better place.

1/ Why are football fees so expensive?

Football fees are based on three main factors:

  • Fees the club is charged by Capital Football
  • Fees charged by Football New Zealand
  • Costs to run our club for things like grounds, gear, coaching courses, club administrator etc

As a club we don’t want to make money but ensure all costs associated for the season are covered. We do have the club administrator in place at Wests but if we didn’t we would need more people to put their hand up for committee roles.

2/ The 7/8th grade Whole of Football structure didn’t allow for enough games?

As a club we were obliged to run the Whole of Football plan as per the NZ Football structure. Now that we have had a season working with the programme we can see ways to improve it for our kids. Outside of the monthly festival days we can now add a component, either in-house or against other clubs, where we can offer more competitive and meaningful games to give children the real life footballing experience.

3/ Can we offer our coaches more coaching?

Yes we certainly can and will look towards having more Capital Football people at the Wests next year helping with courses. Capital Football also recognise the need to have more courses at each club as opposed to asking people to travel to Petone.

4/ In the 9/10/11/12th grades we seem to play the same teams?

Yes this was a problem and is currently being addressed by Capital Football. From what we can see CF had many problems with not only the new structure for Whole of Football but also the shortage of grounds available. CF have put in place a junior advisory committee to revisit these issues and sort them out before next season.

5/ Some of the grounds being used are not up to standard?

While we always look for someone to blame this is an issue for the local councils. CF only hire the grounds and aren’t responsible for the maintenance of them. This means that as time goes by more artificial turfs will come into play but that will result in higher subs and also game times that may not always suit people.