Wests First Team Helping Our Juniors

On Saturday 10th May the Wests first team hosted Petone in their first round game of the Chatham Cup.

Part of the day was also spent sharing the experience with our junior clubs very own Zac Phelan. 

Of recent times Zac has been going through a rough period so the first team welcomed Zac.


As part of the day Zac met the first team, joined in with the warm up, listened to the team talk and got to sit with the first team reserves and coaching staff on the bench.


It would have been very difficult to find a happier person at Endeavour Park!!

The highlight for Zac was being able to walk out on to the pitch with the first team and shaking all the players hands and learning some new words during the team talk!!!!.


Hats off to the first team….this was a fantastic thing for them to do and made a young players day.



Completing the day was a hard fought 1-0 win to Wests.