Special Day for Lily

Lily Cooke is seven and has played with Wests Mighty Midget since she was four.

She really loves going to soccer on Sundays with Dad, and was really looking forward to playing his year – apparently she doesn’t like the off-season!

In March 2015, Lily was diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia, a rare condition where her bone marrow doesn’t work properly and stops making red cells, white cells and platelets.


This means she gets tired easily and is very prone to infections and bleeding from day-to-day activities, and sadly can no longer play soccer.


Lily needs frequent transfusions of blood and platelets. Unfortunately this isn’t a cure or a long-term solution, and she is currently going through treatment in the Children’s Haematology and Oncology Centre in Christchurch to help get her bone marrow functioning again, and her treatment may take up to a year.

Last Saturday (18th July), Lily was the team mascot when Wests took on Palmerston North Marist.


Thanks to Declan Edge, the Wests first team and Wests members who helped to make it a special event for Lily. She was presented with a first team shirt by Elliot Collier, whom Lily had indicated to Declan was her Player of the Day. She was also presented with a Wests goodie bag.


Lily, its great to have you back home, and a huge thanks for looking after the first team, we hope you had a great day.


Everyone at the club wishes you all the best with your treatment, and we hope to see you back on your feet soon.