Let's get behind the Wellington Phoenix

Below is a message from Capital Football regarding the Wellington Phoenix.

Football is on a roll in NZ & particularly so in Wellington.

Our numbers are holding up at adults level, we have 10% growth in juniors, 20% growth in girls, spectacular numbers in Futsal so much so that the % increase is rendered irrelevant & 17% of our registered players are females, by our estimates within two years 1 in 4 registered players will be so. These are statistics to be very pleased of & it is all down to you, the clubs, players & schools; there are 18k registered player’s within Capital Football & I can assure that ALL other sports would “kill” for numbers such as these!!

As the Phoenix enter into, inarguably their most important two seasons, this & next; they need the football families help. Their license to participate in the A League has two seasons to run, all other Aussie A League clubs have recently had their licenses extended for the next twenty, so by that simple fact we should all be concerned.

Over the last couple of years Capital Football have worked closely, & continue to do so, with the Phoenix on a variety of projects. They are excellent to deal with & I know a few of the people personally & they are proud Wellingtonians doing the right thing by the city not for any other reason.

If you multiply our registered players by a “family factor” of four that’s 72,000 in our Capital Football family & it’s all of you who this is directly aimed at; football in Wellington needs your support & the easiest way is to go to the game.

The football community can do nothing about the “floating fan”, those that only go when the teams win (look under Warriors in dictionary) it’s up to Ernie & the players to get that right.

Here’s a statistic; Stoke-on-Trent (Stoke City) have a population of 270k, they have an average home attendance of 27k (10% of the total population), they have no chance of winning the English Premier League so why do they do it? My guess would be because it’s important to the city.

The next Phoenix home game is on Sunday 26 October @ 5 p.m.

You never really know what you’ve got until you no longer have it.