Junior Trophy for 2015

Western Suburbs Junior Committee is pleased to announce an exciting new competition to commence this 2015 season. All teams who are not part of the Wests / Ole Squads in the age grades 11th – 14th will play for a new trophy.
The results of the teams who fall into this category will be collected each week and collated into a mixed age grade league table. Normal rules apply i.e. 3 points for a win 1 for a draw etc. The team that comes out on top at the end of the season will win the new trophy. This means every game of the season has value for every team.
We need your help however. What do we call this trophy? We are looking for kids to come up with suitable name for this cup. It is a chance to be etched in Western Suburbs history.
We ask that kids submit suggestions via Jo Sweeney and the winning entry will be selected by the Junior Committee before the season starts. The winning entry will receive a family trip to the cinema for a movie of their choice. Please submit entries before Wednesday 1st April.