Junior Player of the Year 2011 - Jarrod McKechnie

Jarred McKecknieJunior Player of the Year 2011 - Jarrod McKechnie

Jarrod’s attitude towards not only his football but is team mates is exemplary, to the point where his coach took the unusual step of naming him the season’s captain for the Titans. At Jarrod’s age captaincy is often shared amongst the team but Jarrod has developed into such a strong leader.

On the pitch he is considered the strongest player in the 9th grade and hasn’t missed training or a game all season.

Jarrod is level headed in his approach and his never say die attitude makes him an absolute stand out.

In the Wests Academy Jarrod tends to work in with players from the other teams and encourages all those around him. He is a fine example of the kind of player Western Suburbs are working to develop.