Grades 7 to 10 Academies

We are excited to announce that Western Suburbs’ academies for grades 7 to 10 will be run by Olé Football Academy’s professional coaching team.

We introduced in 2015 professional coaches to our academies in order to improve the consistency of delivery across the grades.  The Wests coaches that previously organised the academies did an excellent job but it’s was time for the next step and our junior convenors were in agreement with this.  They acknowledged that there comes a point where they can’t benefit the children any further with their existing level of coaching and that the academies should be providing a step up from the weekly training sessions delivered by the team coaches. 

With Olé coaching these academies, we are showing our commitment as a club to player development and our younger players will be introduced to a style of football that is employed in the Wests/Olé Junior Development Partnership (grades 11 to 14) and also by our Wests senior teams.  Our academies form part of the integrated player pathway through the Club.

The Junior Development Partnership between Wests and Olé Football Academy, which involves players in mixed grades 11 to 14, began in 2014.  The coaches and convenors who have been involved with this programme have all testified to the benefits of the Partnership and are particularly impressed with how much the players have developed.  The children have loved the experience and their skills have improved accordingly.  We have had lots of interest from children across the region wanting to become a part of this.  Our aim at Western Suburbs is that the children in our younger academies have the opportunity to feed into the Junior Development Partnership.  By bringing Olé into coach the academies from grades 7 to 10, we feel we are giving Wests members the best chance of entering The Junior Development Partnership when they are older. 

Please give serious thought to providing your child with this opportunity.  Our academies offer very good value for money compared to a lot of other children’s activities/sports and the facilities at Olé are second to none.

Selection process:

Grades 7 and 8

The convenors will be responsible for selecting the academy squad for their grade and there will be further details issued nearer to the start of the season

Grades 9 and 10

The academy squads will come from the top two teams in each of these grades.  It’s important therefore to realise that should your child be selected for the top two teams in their grade following pre season trials, you will also be expected to commit to the academy for that grade.  Your grade age convenor will be asking you to confirm this before the trials.

For those parents who do not want their child to be involved with the 9th and 10th grade academies, please rest assured that your child will still be catered for at Wests in their relevant age grade and will enjoy their football experience irrespective of which team they play for within their grade.  Our aim at Wests is to provide football for people of all ages and all abilities and we stand by that; we are now just extending the development opportunities available to our members.